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Your co-design solution

HiveDrive helps improving collaboration and data sharing in big projects, but it's more than just a simple repository to share big files.
Native Integration

Integrating HiveDrive with your current planning platform enhance you to have project management features to organize work, schedule and priorities.

Invitation System

Getting access to HiveDrive web portal sharpen control and protection over intellectual property through customized policy and authorization system.

Chat on files

Chatting with instant messaging directly integrated into your projects decrease time and effort sending emails back and forth, without losing thread or tasks.

Live Blackboard

Working on a live blackboard help connecting simultaneously, in a simple way, professionals located in any country, reducing errors and long waiting times.


Easy search

A smart filtering system on the platform helps you finding what you need.


Real-time discussions and instructions with no emails involved anymore.

Local workspace

Your local machine is the safest place to manage your work.


With a fine-grained management you can add, remove or assign access at any time.

File synchronization

With incremental mode you can reduce long waiting times.


The easiest way to go back to previous versions of your work quickly and safely.

Project Management

No need for separate systems to update with built-in features to track your work.

Reports & Analysis

Improve process and workflow by checking data and timing constantly.

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Project Management. Simplified.

There are tons of great software managing the design and collaboration process. HiveDrive stands out because it is reduced to the essentials and it is 100% customizable. Task, clash, issue, bug and more: the choice is yours, always at your fingertips.


HiveDrive stands out in terms of easy connection to any kind of software you are using for your daily job. It’s already built to be integrated in your Operating System and you can also easily configure HiveDrive to work with more complex software, unlocking advanced capabilities.

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hub 2 hub network multi site

HiveDrive HUB

HiveDrive HUB is the free additional tool designed for all professionals and design firms interested in building their own cloud system without the need to subscribe to third parties, keeping control of their activities and data with the same ease of a traditional cloud system.

Depending on your needs, by also installing HiveDrive HUB you can choose to build a "private cloud" infrastructure no longer outsourcing the service but obtaining specific economic, technical and functional advantages or alternatively migrate to a "hybrid cloud" model working with a new and dynamic logic oriented towards flexibility with the aim of making the most of the various methods.

You can install HiveDrive HUB for free on-premise or we can provide you a cloud space under subscription service!

What are the key advantages of installing HiveDrive HUB?

  • Greater continuity of service
  • Greater scalability of systems
  • Lower risk of lock-in by the Cloud provider
  • Optimization of the overall cost of the system
  • Obtaining better functionalities to support processes
  • Ability to maintain the most critical workloads internally, bringing only secondary components to the Cloud
  • Possibility of providing services more efficiently in different geographic areas at an international level
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Featured in HiveDrive HUB

Unlock the most powerful functionalities of HiveDrive by installing our free HUB


Improve project performance as team members grow

Project Management

Support for projects planning and execution

Administrative web portal

User and project management and control tool

Reports & analysis

All project data at your fingertips to improve the work process

Project visualization on the web

View only mode for project managers not involved in the operation

Process automation

Streamline the phases of the project life cycle throughout its duration